3D Technology


Our hardware range consists of three types of 3D scanners.

iPad scanner

Our iPad scanner is very suitable for scanning casts or your patient’s foot. Direct scanning of the foot can be done in several ways;

  1. By scanning the feet through a glass plate
  2. By scanning the feet in a foam footprint
    • Scanning is done in two parts, first the foot in the foam footprint. Then the foam footprint itself. Using our software, we can link these two scans in such a way that the corrected foot position remains.

Full foot 3D scanner

The 3D full foot scanner gives you a 3D scan of the foot up to a maximum height of 20 cm. The software provides you with a 3D colour image with length and width dimensions, enabling you to carry out the perfect foot analysis.

This scanner can also be used in various ways.


Handheld 3D scanner

The size of the scanner makes it portable and it can be set up quickly. The scanner offers the best precision for scanning every part of the body. Does your patient make a small movement? No problem, thanks to the advanced technology the handheld 3D scanner easily picks up where you left off.

3D Solutions

3D CAD-CAM Software

3D iPad scanner

3D Handheld scanner

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