Gentlemen low

Brigante was developed as a label of ZSM Orthopedics. ZSM is a young and prominent company that has been active in the production of orthopedic shoes for over 15 years. Over the years, ZSM has contributed to making orthopedic shoes more and more fashionable. We at ZSM have an eye for innovation and represent craftsmanship. Making fashionable orthopedic shoes is our passion!

From this passion the desire arose to put an end to the old-fashioned character of orthopedic shoes. We know from experience that choosing orthopedic shoes can lead to a lot of frustration, due to the lack of fashionable models. We believe that not all orthopedic shoes have to be clunky and black.

With our catalogue we offer clients and orthopedic consultants a tool with which they can compose beautiful orthopedic shoes. Our aim is that composing a Brigante shoe should not be considered as a limitation, but rather as a privilege.


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